Now Is The Time To Start Getting Ready For The Holidays

The holidays are just about on top of us, so start making your show plans now. Shows for the Thanksgiving week are now posted, and we'll be putting the Christmas list up soon. Time to get out your calendar and set your plans to have ribbons to go along with your garlands.

Show Application Now Available On-Line

As a convenience to you, we've added a new feature to the site: a printable entry form. In order to take advantage of this, simply go to the red button on the right that's marked "Entry Form" and click. When you do, Acrobat will provide you with a printable copy of our entry form. Just print it out, complete it, and bring it with you when you come. What could be easier? Speaking of conveniences, we're now posting our show schedules in Adobe Acrobat format. We'll be playing with it for a bit, so be patient with us; it should be working soon and will definitely make it easier for you to access show-related information. To try it out, go to our Shows page and follow the directions that are posted there. Let us know what you think.

Our Farm Wins Iroquois Award At PHBA Fete

Katelyn Gambone proudly displays the Iroquois Award received by her parents at the Twentieth Annual Iroquois Awards Dinner of the Pennsylvania Horse Breeders Association held on May 20th, at the Hotel Hershey. The award was given in recognition of Our Farm's success in breeding Matt's Ministress, winner of the $25,000 Mrs. Penny Stakes at Philadelphia Park.


Commercial feeds have been developed to provide your horse with all the essential nutrients in their proper balance. These feeds come in the form of grain mixes, sweet feeds, pelleted grain mixes, and complete feeds with roughage. We'll be happy to explain what each type provides, give you a nutritional breakdown, and help you determine which is the most convenient and economical for you. We'll help you to decide what the nutritional needs of your horse are by assigning it to a lifestyle category: Active pleasure horse Performance or show horse Breeding horse Growing horse Older horse Then, if you want, we'll help you set up a feed plan that includes the key elements: Feeding at the right rates Weighing feed Using care when switching feeds Monitoring the condition of the horse So what are you waiting for? Stop by or call us, so we can begin the process of getting your horse on the right nutritional track. Call now. (By the way, you can get a head start on this process by getting a copy of a very handy booklet, "The Purina Guide to Care & Feeding of Horses." We used it to produce this page, and it's packed with useful information.)


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Healthy Chicken Feed Mix